The Ultimate Musicians Packing List.

This checklist includes as much gear as I can think of, that you can take to gigs, practice or the studio.
Whether you're a singer, musician or roady. Everyone brings gear. This isn't all personal gear.
Many items can be taken for the entire band or crew, rather than for each individual.
The links bring you to my suggestions/tips. I vouch for those items.
Send me a mail if you have suggestions.


A Carry-on-Case to pack your clothes and personal belongings.
A Trolley Flightcase to put most of the below in.
Strings, reeds, picks, capos & other instrument parts
Pick holder (I use this one with slide holder, I usually cut it shorter.)
Instrument cables (+ spares)
Adapters & Connectors
Cable Ties
Straps (+ spares)
Clip-on Tuner, as spare for your pedal, otherwise take two.
Direct Box with Amp simulator & spare ( my spare is a tiny Fethead)
Nail maintenance products
String winder
Instrument microphone(s) plus spares
Microphone wind-caps
Microphone silencer
Pedal board
Microphone cables (+ spares)
Vocal Microphone(s) plus spares
Bottles of water & Music stand bottle holder
iPad with sheet music or lyrics, iPad mount and pedal
Promotional items, picks, Cd’s, cards, backdrop/ banner
In-ears, et cetera
Effects (with spare power)
Battery spares (check all equipment, preamps, effects, in-ear, etcetera for types)
Batt-O-Meter (I use this to check the batteries remaining hours of use, rather than use new batteries for every gig or be surprised.)
Anti Slip Mats to keep all your gear in plase
Fuses (+ spares)
Spare Power-chord for amp and devices
Power strip and 20 foot Extension cord
Gaffer's tape ( black, white)
Soft Flannel or Microfiber cloths
Ball-point pen and a pad of paper
Safety Pocket knife
First aid kit
Spare music stand light bulb
Markers (black, white)
Toolkit (mostly electronic)
Clothes, costumes
Soundboard recording devices plus cable
Personal monitors
Stands (microphone, instrument, music, laptop, amp)
Food and/or Snacks
Location info, contact, address, tel. nr.
Multikey/Twinkey, for taking down traffic poles or parking barriers that would withhold you from unloading at the venue. (and all other obstacles .....)
Navigation devices
Contracts and previous demands
Check where to park your car
Groupies (only if they don't demand special attention from you :o)
A trolley case to put most of the above in.