Parks Every Whistle

Carey Parks makes these beautiful "Irish Penny Whistles".
These are easy to play, well made and good looking whistles.
I use the C, D and Eb.
These PVC whistles have a mellow tone and low to medium volume. These are "musicians whistles". easy to play and extremely reliable.

I guess the real extra is the Tone Ring.

A simple but nifty little ring that allows you to mute the whistle to neighbour friendly volumes or alter the whistles voicing by shifting it's sweet spot.

This might sound like abracadabra to you, like it did to me, untill you actualy start experimenting with it. (Or just read what Carey has to say about it on his website.)

I keep my whistles in a wooden Parks Whistle Rack, wich holds 10 whistles. But he makes 8 and 12 whistle versions as well. Nicely made and a real exhibiting goodie.

Check these out! (The price won't stop you.)

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