The Long Riders

1.The Long Riders

2.I'm a Good Old Rebel

3.Seneca Square Dance

4.Archie's Funeral (Hold to God's Unchanging Hand)

5.I Always Knew You Were the One

6.Rally 'Round the Flag

7.Wildwood Boys

8.Better Things to Think About

9.Jesse James

10.Cole Younger Polka

11.Escape From Northfield

12.Leaving Missouri

13.Jesse James

(Ry Cooder)

(Traditional, arranged by Ry Cooder)
(Am) - (C)

(Am) Oh, (C) I'm a good old Rebel
Now (Am) that's just what I am

For (C) this fair land of freedom

I (Am) do not care a damn.

I'm (C) glad I fought against it

I (Am) only wish we'd won.

And (C) I don't want no pardon

For (Am) anything I've done.

I hates the Yankee nation
And everything they do,

I hates the Declaration

Of Independence, too;

I hates the glorious Union-

'Tis dripping with our blood-

And I hates their striped banner,

I fought it all I could.

Three hundred thousand Yankees
Stiffen in Southern dust

We got three hundred thousand

Before they conquered us

They died of Southern fever

And Southern steel and shot

And I wish it was three million

Instead of what we got.

I want to reconstruct it
I'm better now than then

And for that carpet bagger

I don't give a damn

So I'm a forward the frontier

Soon as I can go

I could bear a weapon

And start for Mexico

(Traditional, arranged by Ry Cooder)

Chords per bar:
Part A
G | G | Em | Em | G | G | D | G |
Part B
G | G | G | Em | C | G | D | G |

(Traditional, arranged by Ry Cooder)

(David Lindley)
D - G - A

(Traditional, arranged by Ry Cooder)
(C) - (F) - (G)

(C) Yes, we'll rally 'round the flag, boys
(F) Rally once again

(C) Shouting the battle cry of (G) freedom

(C) Rally from the hillsides

(F) Gather from the plain

(C) Shouting the battle cry of (G) free (C) dom

(C) The Union forever
Hurrah, boys, hurrah

Down with the traitor

And (G) up with the star

As we (C) rally 'round the flag, boys

(F) Rally once again

(C) Shouting the battle cry of (G) free (C) dom

Mine eyes have seen the beauty
Of the land that's bright and fair

Shouting the battle cry of freedom

And my soul looked back and wondered

How we made the journey there

Shouting the battle cry of freedom

We will welcome to our numbers
The loyal, true and brave

Shouting the battle cry of freedom

And although we may be poor

Not a man shall be a slave

Shouting the battle cry of freedom

The gospel train has brought us
Through the dark and stormy night

Shouting the battle cry of freedom

We can lay our burdens down at last

And walk into the light

Shouting the battle cry of freedom

Train coming (Amen)
You just get on board (Amen)

Don't need no ticket (Amen)

Just thank the Lord (Amen)

(J. Dickinson-R. Cooder)
(D) - (G) - (A)

(D) This here was (A) our situ (G) a (D) tion
We was just young wildwood (G) boys

New as the birth of the (A) nation

The kind that the Army (D) employs

Night riding Rebs from Missouri

Fought for the Grey
and Quan (G) trell
Caught up by the battle and the (A) fury

Back when just living was (D) hell

After the battle was over
And after the Union had won

It was quitting that made us the loser

So we kept doing just what we'd done

Riding as comrads together

We looted the trains and the banks

Removing that carpetbag money

And sticking it hard to the Yanks

Death always follows behind you
When you ride down that old outlaw trail

Someday a bullet will find you

Or you'll rot like a corpse in some jail

Turning your back to the danger

Is a wager no man can afford

'Cause gold turns a friend to a stranger

Like old Judas turned on our Lord

Men are revered and remembered
While they lay in that coffin and rot

Some live in the legends of history

Most are forever forgot

The victory it goes to the strongest

And only the strong will survive

Survival is living the longest

But nobody gets out alive

The questions don't never get answered
And the rights, they're remembered all wrong

The facts, they can get plenty confusing

So someday if you happen to be singing this song

Remember it's just for the record

You can't change the handwork of fate

And tell 'em I lived for the moment

And I died when I tried to go straight

(Ry Cooder)

(Neil Morris)

I'll tell you about Jesse and Frank James
My grandfather was personally acquainted with them

My grandfather lived in the southern edge of Baxter County, Arkansas

And they stayed all night with him lots of nights

And my grandfather told me there was a lot of those robberies that was layed to Jesse and Frank James

And he knew they didn't do it 'cause they was at his place when it happened

But you couldn't tell the public that

When they get their minds made up that somebody's done something

Why the public's gonna stick to it anyway

My grandfather, he knew them as boys

And they could come to his place and go without anybody paying attention 'cause nobody expected them

Down in Arkansas, see, 'cause they was from Missouri

Now that's the story that my grandfather told me when I was just a boy

And he said that Frank James, at that World's Fair,

I think it was 1901 in St. Louis him and Jesse were both there

My grandfather and Frank James were together there

And that Frank James offered to bring Jesse there alive

He said that the man that the Ford boys killed wasn't Jesse James at all

But the fellow they killed was just about the size of Jesse and he was red headed

And he wasn't any relation to the Fords

See, Jesse James was a known cousin to Charles and Bob Ford

That's what my grandfather said

He said Jesse and Frank were not even in that part of the country when that fellow was killed

And the Ford boys, why, they collected a thousand dollars for killing Jesse James!

Now the song says that the Ford boys killed Jesse

None of us up here in the mountains believe that, no sir!

(D. Lindley-R. Cooder)

(Ry Cooder)

(David Lindley)

(Traditional, arranged by Ry Cooder)
(D) - (G) - (A)

(D) Jesse James we understand
Has (G) killed him many a (D) man

He robbed the Union (A) trains

But (D) history does record

That (G) Bob and Charlie (D) Ford

Have laid Jesse (A) James in his (D) grave

It was on a Saturday night
The stars were shining bright

When they robbed that Union train

And it was one of the younger boys

That gathered in the spoils

And carried that money away

In his small home unaware
A-straightening pictures there

He thought he heard a noise

And as he turned his head

Well, the bullet killed him dead

Fired by Bob Ford, one of the boys

Poor Jesse had a wife
She lived a lady all her life

The children they were brave

But history does record

That Bob and Charlie Ford

Have laid poor Jesse, laid poor Jesse

Have laid Jesse James in his grave